Stored XSS in Google Drive

Here is a vulnerability i discovered in Google Drive
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Stored XSS vulnerability in Google Drive [Folder name]

In Google drive, I created a folder with this name:


then searched about any place which need writing my folder name in the page


I found that i can move my documents to a folder

So i moved it and my document now in my Folder ->    ‘”><svg/onload=prompt(1337)> 

I created another folder name, as example: folder name is “Folder2”

I moved the document to the other folder -> “Folder2”

The code executed successfully




In the normal case, after i click on Move to folder, i should get this message

“Other users will no longer see this item in shared folder  $currentfoldername


And my current Folder name was : ‘”><svg/onload=prompt(1337)>

That’s why i moved the document two times,

First time: to make the current folder name is my payload and the second time to execute it

Thus, The final result was my PROMPT and this message after it

Other users will no longer see this item in shared folder ‘”>

This code executed <svg/onload=prompt(1337)>




By sharing the folder to the victim, Attacker can execute the vulnerability on user if he tried to move it to another folder


Bounty:  $1337





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  1. Ooops! that’s a good one! Congratulations ,bro. 🙂
    ابعتل للGoogle Security Team قولهم “العيب في النظام يا بهايم” -برايز 😀

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  3. @N00b If you are talking about the video, I just did it twice for the viewers, when you see it two times it will be better than replaying the video again =))

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